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Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Beautiful Bound of Pride and Prejudice

I recently found this beautiful copy of Pride and Prejudice in a book sale. It is an old edition printed by Century Hutchinson in 1985 and I simply had to buy it because it was so lovely to look at.

The skin is made of fabric and shows a scene which could well represent the beautiful grounds of Pemberley.

The inside illustrations are quite grainy, however, but I don’t mind as you don’t often come across a novel with illustrations in the first place.


Are you a sucker for beautiful covers?


  1. Anna, I like the cover picture showing the 18th century landscaped park. It reminds me of Painshill, near Cobham, about twelve miles from where I live.It's the most complete 18th century landscape garden in existence today.

    All the best,


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