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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Supper Jane Austen Style

The other night I had supper that Jane Austen would have approved of: toasted cheese – in all its simplicity.


In 1805, Jane Austen wrote, "We were greatly surprised by Edward Bridge's company...It is impossible to do justice to the hospitality of his attentions towards me; he made a point of ordering toasted cheese for supper, entirely on my account."

To make toasted cheese in period style, I used the following recipe by Martha Lloyd, Jane Austen’s dear friend, who lived with her at Chawton.


Toasted Cheese
Grate the cheese and add it to one egg, a teaspoonful of mustard, and a little butter. Send it up on toast, or in paper trays.


I added some salt and pepper, poured the lot on the bread and roasted the bread in the grill. Voila! A tasty supper was ready - similar to what Jane Austen would have enjoyed having at Chawton.

Interesting to know that Regency people will have enjoyed simple comfort food as much as we do now…




Quote and recipe from: The Jane Austen Centre Online magazine

The recipe is originally from: Hickman, P. (1977).  A Jane Austen Household Book. David & Charles, Ltd.


  1. A classic! I never added an egg before, but I eat this all the time. Will have to try Miss Lloyd's rendition.

  2. I love this receipe! It is one that I can actually follow, and I am sure it is delicious.

  3. Looks delicious! But if I'm going to get the eggs and mustard out, I'll also get the ale out and make a Welsh Rarebit. A plain little toasted cheese sandwich is one of my favorite comfort foods, along with a proper cup of tea.


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