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Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Delightful Creature to Appear as a Doll

Jane Austen was clearly proud of her creation of Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice, saying famously that Elizabeth was “as delightful a creature to have ever appeared in print”.

I have always liked Elizabeth and have created a page for her in one of my scrapbooks.

Do you remember playing with paper dolls as a child? I found this beautiful paper doll with its clothes and accessories on the Internet, painted them, and stuck them with blu-tack on the page with a sketch of Longbourn as a backdrop.

You can print these dolls here.

JaneDoll JaneDoll2

The site seems to have started to charge for printing, but it’s very inviting as there are so many familiar characters from Jane Austen’s books as well as other classic heroes and heroines.

Perhaps Mr Darcy will get his page next…?!


  1. My daughter, Abigail, would love that. Thanks for posting.


  2. Anna, it's a long time since I've thought of paper dolls! How I loved them when I was a little girl. I'm not up on the latest children's things--are paper dolls popular with today's little girls?

  3. @Tony: Great to hear that today's kids still love this kind of stuff!

    @Jean: I teach elementary, and none of my students ever play with paper dolls (not that I know of anyway). But whenever I've introduced them in school craft clubs, girls have loved them. Now you get nice online ones as well!


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