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Monday, June 19, 2017

Glimpses of a Sunny and Jolly Regency Day in Alton

Today I travelled to Alton with a friend of mine and our children to participate in the Regency Day celebrations. The event takes place as part of the annual Regency Week, and this is the first time that I have attended this part of the event. 

It was a lovely, sunny day, and the high street bustled with activity but was thankfully devoid of huge crowds. Stalls of Regency style clothes and accessories, samples of local history books and antiques lined up Alton High Street. Morris dancers and brass bands added to the period feel of the event, and it was wonderful to see so many people in costume. 

How I wished I'd had a parasol like that!

The highlight for us has to have been our horse carriage ride around Alton, pulled by two beautiful shire horses and driven by coachmen in tailcoats and top hats. 

Lydia and Kitty would have approved of this man in his regimentals!

An outfit like Mr Wentworth would have worn, complete with genuine gilded buttons. An outfit like this would now cost around £3500. 

There were three different naval uniforms on display. The one on the right was a replica of the one that Nelson wore on board HMS Victory. 

We also tried on some antique hats. The velvety black top hat in the photo was from the 1890's, how interesting to hold it and try it on!

I thoroughly enjoyed the friendly, jolly atmosphere of the event and applaud the helpful re-enactors who were so willing to have their photos taken and to share stories about their outfits.

We also visited the small Jane Austen exhibition, "Jane and her Alton Apothecary" at the Allen Gallery but I shall describe that in another post.

You can read more about Alton in my previous post here.


  1. Great photographs Anna. How are you and the family? It is just too hot at the moment isn't it? Have you been to any of the other country village fairs this Summer? Every Hampshire Village I have driven through recently has got their Summer fete! I love village fetes.

    1. Thank you, Tony. We are all fine, trying to keep cool down here! London must be like a furnace right now! We usually do a couple of village fairs, and this was one quite different and quite special :)


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